Small Black Spider With White Spots on Backs (ID & Pictures)

Black house spider

Have you ever seen a black and white spider? Here, you can see a tiny black spider with a white spot. This type of spider is found in some countries. Ok! Let’s get started. 


The house spider is a small black spider with a white spot on its back. Its upper parts are black, and its back is mixed with white and black spots. 

Physical Characteristics 

  • Dark, shiny black body 
  • White and black spots in the back 
  • during the abdomen, it will be grey. 
  • Size about 15 mm
  • Has long legs 
  • Conspicuous spinnerets 
  • Males are smaller than Female 


The spider makes a weave-like funnel shape. For this, it is also called a funnel-web spider


Black house spiders are most commonly found in two places:

  • Outdoors: They prefer trees with rough bark, logs, rock walls, and other crevices where they can build their webs.
  • Indoors: They are attracted to areas around windows, doors, and light sources where they can catch prey. 


The tiny house spider feeds different flying insects. There are some following insects. 

  • Beetles 
  • Flies
  • Butterflies 
  • Bees 
  • Ants 

Small Black Spiders with White Spots

There are five black spiders with white spots on the back. There are some similarities and differences. Indentify to see the table.

SpiderSize (body length)HabitatBody Part with White Spots
Black House Spider6-10 mmIndoors (around windows & doors), Outdoors (trees, rocks)Abdomen (varied pattern)
Steatoda triangular3-6 mmIndoors (sheltered areas, basements)Abdomen (3 vertical & 2 side spots)
Phidippus audax 6-14 mmIndoors (plants, walls), Outdoors (gardens)Abdomen (varied pattern)
Spotted Ground Spider6-20 mmIndoors (rare), Outdoors (ground cover)Abdomen (2-5 pairs of spots)
Zebra Jumper5-8 mmIndoors (plants, walls), Outdoors (gardens)Body (stripes, not spots)

Symptoms of This Spider Bite

None of the spiders listed in the table are considered dangerous to humans. They are all relatively small and timid. Their bites are uncommon.

  • Black House Spider: Bites are infrequent. 
  • Steatoda triangulosa: Bites are very rare. Its bit causes mild discomfort, similar to a mosquito bite.
  • Phidippus audax: Bites are harmless to humans.
  • Spotted Ground Spider: Bites are sporadic and cause minor irritation.
  • Zebra Jumper: Bites are not known to bite humans.

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